“Meal times form an integral part of your child’s day where they can develop their social skills, taste and enjoy their meal in the company of their friends”

Smart Kidz we follow government advice for your child’s food. Good nutrition is vital to children for building strong bones and teeth to the healthy development of organs. When children are given a balanced diet they become eager to learn, appear happier and sleep better. We limit the sugar content at all our menus and do not add salt to any of our meals.

Whilst in our care babies individual routines are mirrored on the routines they have at home. They will be cuddled while they are fed, helping them to feel safe and secure. At weaning stage, we feed freshly pureed food in a high chair or floor chair. We tell you what they eat and how much, aging keeping to the routine they have at home. We are aware that young children, especially those under 2 years old need full-fat milk, yogurt and cheese rather than low-fat varieties. Up to the age 3, your child needs at least half a pint of milk per day.

Children sit and eat together. They learn the necessary skills for social eating, how to use cutlery and are encouraged to try new things.

Smart kidz nursery staff will be partaking in mealtimes chat with the children as they feed them, encouraging them to make healthy choices. As well as main meals, we provide snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables. We will be involving the children in some part of the meal time, in helping to prepare them and by getting involved they are likely to taste new foods and quickly begin to recognise different fruit and vegetables. Between being weaned off milk to the age of 5 years old, children grow extremely quickly and are very active. As a result of this it is important to ensure that their diet is healthy.

Smart kidz also cater for children with particular dietary needs, diary free, nut free and gluten free as well as vegetarian menus are provided. Cultural preferences can also be accommodated. In association to eating the correct foods we teach the children the importance of cleanliness before and after eating food.