Babies (yellow room)

First and foremost our babies at nursery feel loved and cared for. During this amazing period, babies are exploring the world with all of their senses and their whole bodies. Our early years practitioners are always planning play experiences to support and encourage this. Even very young babies respond to each other and adults with verbal and non-verbal interactions. Our practitioners work directly with babies to continually encourage this, helping them make connections and build meaningful social relationships. Relationships with parents are more important than ever at this early stage and we positively encourage involvement, guidance and feedback to help support our team in caring for your baby.

Toddlers (red room)

Young children at this age take enormous pleasure in learning new skills and it is vital that adults around them praise and encourage this throughout. The play experiences we plan for toddlers have children’s social relationships as a central focus to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. Helping them to play with, imitate and explore language but also to recognise and be aware that a young child’s understanding can be much greater than their ability to express their thoughts and ideas through language.

Tweenies (green room)

Working with this age range, we recognize that children are further developing self-confidence and a belief in themselves which needs to be positively encouraged. By allowing children the freedom and independence to pour their own drinks, serve their own food, choose a story or water a plant, we are supporting their growing independence and confidence. We ensure that children have lots of opportunities to join in and help them to understand that there are rules for being together with others, always encouraging tolerance and talking about positive ways of treating others socially.

Our team of skilled practitioners will allow children to dictate the pace and focus of activities that interest them whilst Planned activities follow children’s own interests, with daily opportunities for play with sand and water, role-play, physical play, stories, rhymes and creativity. Language at this stage is continuing to develop rapidly and many children are beginning to put more extensive and skilled at helping to extend their new found language skills.

Pre-school (Blue room)

Pre-school children have a skilled approach to play and exploration. Their role play and social interactions, as fascinating as they are to watch, are important in helping them understand the world and how they belong in it. We are constantly supporting children through their enquiries and investigations. Our team of skilled practitioners will allow children to dictate the pace and focus of activities that interest them whilst providing the support needed to let them test their ideas, theories and understanding.

The skill of the adult when caring for this age range of children is to understand that adults do not have all the answers! Children can happily construct their own understanding of the world – one which is exciting and relevant and interests them enough to explore further.

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